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How to plan a road trip

Now that school is out for the summer and gas is cheaper (relatively), enjoy a break and go on a road trip. Here’s how to plan an exciting adventure:

Step 1: Pick your end destination.

This is the most important because it will determine the length of time you’ll be driving. For example, if you only want to be on vacation for a week, traveling across country may not be the best idea, since you may be too time crunched.

Step 2: Pick the places that you may want to see on the way to your final destination.

Consider visiting not only the big well known sites (like the Grand Canyon), but also unique sites (like seeing the biggest rubber band ball). Both can make interesting experiences.

Step 3. Plan your route.

Remember to use both the forward trip and return trip to see the sites. Also consider traffic times and rush hour so your not wasting time on the road.  Also research traffic laws where you are traveling through. For example, lane splitting is not allowed in some states.

Step 4. Eat and rest.

Don’t ever drive tired! While you plan your route, remember to pick rest stops and where you will spend the night. Also research eateries in the areas in order to enjoy the local fare.

Step 5. Car maintenance.

Don’t forget to get your car checked before you embark on a long road trip. Prevention is better than breaking down in the middle of nowhere and no cell phone reception. If you don’t have one, consider signing up for some sort of roadside assistance.

Of course don’t forget your camera, phone, and all your personal necessities. Drive safely and enjoy your trip!


Relax in Bodega Bay

One of my favorite local get-a-way locations is Bodega Bay. It makes a great place for a relaxing day trip. Take a Friday off of work and drive there in the morning. Enjoy the view and make a stop at the beach! Have lunch at the Boat House restaurant. The BBQ oysters, clam chowder, fish and chips are the best!
After that, head to the UC Davis Bodega Bay Marine laboratory. They have tours on most Fridays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. It is a wonderful experience for the whole family!

Weekend adventure in Monterey, CA

Monterey is a historic and scenic coastal city in California that is about a 2 hour drive from San Francisco, and a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles.
Start your morning off right with a wonderful breakfast at First Awakenings. The restaurant is located in an indoor shopping center in Pacific Grove, California. The lines can be long, so either get there early, or pack your patience. Your sacrifice will be rewarded with a fantastic breakfast. Their pancakes are huge. I had only one and it filled me up! After breakfast, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is just walking distance away.

When visiting Monterey, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must see attraction! The aquarium provides a thrilling experience for the young and old alike.

For an early dinner, avoid the tourist trap restaurants on Cannery Row and eat where the locals eat. Head two blocks up to Foam Street and find Sea Harvest, a fish market that doubles as a restaurant. The BBQ oysters and clam chowder are fantastic.

Take a walk around the city. By being adventurous and exploring any city you’re in, you’ll make long lasting memories and have unique experiences!

3 Beauty Global Rituals that Work for Every Ethnicity

Beauty has always been one of the feminine priorities. Since the beginning of humanity, women have sought to follow the canons of what is considered attractive at the time. For example, women in prehistory sought to have large hips and breasts to attract men, which meant they were more fertile and therefore better candidates to form a family.
And yes, although technology has allowed people to have increasingly sophisticated beauty products, women of the 21st century are returning to the roots, the basics. And what are the basics? It is all the millenary secrets that women from different parts of the world have applied throughout their history to beautify themselves inside and out. These women know that nature is wise, so they take advantage of the ingredients of the place where they were and used them to their advantage.


One of the best secrets of India is the use of coconut oil as a conditioner. They leave it on all day long, which would be our equivalent of the comb cream. This oil is great for the scalp, strengthens the hair and makes it shine. With that secret and Ayurveda medicine, Indian women are up for the wins! The holistic approach to medicine and beauty of the Asian country are the secret to beautiful skin!


Australians use papaya ointment to soothe the skin after sunning, to reduce swelling in a wound and as a balm to moisturize the lips. They call it “pawpaw” and it has an endless amount of uses. It is among the most popular beauty products in the land of kangaroos, and it is the secret of Australian women and their beautiful and tight skin overall.


Many Mexicans use bevel color for their cheeks and lips. With ancient Mayan and Aztec rituals, women found the coloring power of beetroot, carrots, and strawberries. They can also be used for coloring the cheeks and the color lasts all day. Sometime a little consideration is required, because especially with beetroot it is a very strong color and it may look excessive and even over-the-top. Also, wear it as a lipstick, it looks amazing!

Mignon Dunbar foodie blog post

New York’s Finest Food Trucks

Whether you are living in NYC or just visiting, the street food is something everyone looks forward to. A few years ago food trucks carried simple menus like burgers, fries, hot dogs and ice-cream. Not anymore. Food trucks in NYC have become elaborate feeding hungry patrons local and international cuisine. Cheesesteak, Pizza, Seafood, fresh-fried falafel accompany the traditional burger and hot dog. The food truck is simple yet elegant. You don’t have to worry about where you will sit and eat. You will find a food truck parked in all the main streets be it winter, spring, summer or fall. It gets busier in the summer months with more folks in the street and an influx of tourists.

Let us explore the city by treating our taste buds to a broad range of delicious cuisine.

Carpe Donut

Carpe Donut is a roaming truck. To get the current location you will need to check on Twitter. They make fresh, hot; handmade donuts on the streets of NYC. They are well known for using only the highest quality organic and local ingredients. In the summer they make a hand packed donut ice cream sandwich — worth a try. Their apple cider donuts were named one of 2013’s Best Donuts by New York Magazine.

The Morris Truck

Morris stands out among the fancy grilled cheese and dairy factories. The ingredients used in their signatures sandwiches are mainly sourced from local area farms. Try their classic grilled cheese with a dash of sea salt along with their unique tomato bisque.

Souvlaki GR

If you are looking for a healthy option for fast food lunch, then the two-time Vendy winner Souvlaki GR’s menu has several options out of which the vegetarian spinach and cheese pie is our favorite.

The Cinnamon Snail

If you are a vegan looking for an early breakfast, try the Snail’s breakfast platter, pastries and coffee drinks (the coffee is fair-trade). The menu is ever-changing according to the seasons.

Korilla BBQ

You will see the tiger-striped food truck from a distance. When you get closer, you see that their menu consists of burritos, tacos, rice bowls filled with Korean-style meats, spicy chicken and braised short ribs with kimchi on the top.

This is a just a sampling of the diverse cuisine of street food that you can experience in NYC. Be sure to give it a try on your next trip!

5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Big Trip

Whether you’re traveling to Spain for the summer with friends, or taking a road trip with your family around neighboring states, there are some things that all travelers need to know before their next excursion.

Here is a list of five things that I wish I would have known before I took my first trip. Enjoy

1. Dress like the locals (blend-in)


Dressing like everyone else once you visit a new location is something that I definitely wish I would have known before I took my first trip. Nothing is worse than sticking out like a sore thumb in outdated fashion trends. Take it from me, when traveling it’s best to blend in, especially for safety purposes.

2. Eat where the locals eat


If you’re going to travel to a new destination, why not try new foods while you’re at it! For starters this is a great way to test out your palate and to see what the locals like to eat, as well as getting a chance to see the town for yourself from a different point of view.

My blog on “The 5 Best Food Cities in America” is a great place to start when planning on where to eat next during your next vacation.

3. Take lots of pictures (No selfies allowed)


I’m guilty of going to new places and only taking pictures of myself or background scenery. Instead of doing this, try taking pictures of actual monuments or stable pieces.

This will come in handy when creating a photo album of all your past adventures and beyond. You’ll thank me for it later.

4 Pack lightly, and bring extra cash


This is a two part rule that I should have followed the first time I traveled. For starters I packed way too many things and I brought too many things back with me as well.

Talk about double trouble! When traveling for the first time, you want to only bring items that you actually need and will use. There’s no use of carrying around a heavy suitcase if you don’t have too.

5. Learn to Relax (Do not Disturb)


Need I say more? When you’re on vacation enjoy it! Don’t dwell on those reports that need to be submitted when you get back. Turn your phone off and enjoy the scenic area with family and friends.

If you’re interested in more blogs similar to this one, read my blog on “What You Need To See In San Francisco”.