Beauty has always been one of the feminine priorities. Since the beginning of humanity, women have sought to follow the canons of what is considered attractive at the time. For example, women in prehistory sought to have large hips and breasts to attract men, which meant they were more fertile and therefore better candidates to form a family.
And yes, although technology has allowed people to have increasingly sophisticated beauty products, women of the 21st century are returning to the roots, the basics. And what are the basics? It is all the millenary secrets that women from different parts of the world have applied throughout their history to beautify themselves inside and out. These women know that nature is wise, so they take advantage of the ingredients of the place where they were and used them to their advantage.


One of the best secrets of India is the use of coconut oil as a conditioner. They leave it on all day long, which would be our equivalent of the comb cream. This oil is great for the scalp, strengthens the hair and makes it shine. With that secret and Ayurveda medicine, Indian women are up for the wins! The holistic approach to medicine and beauty of the Asian country are the secret to beautiful skin!


Australians use papaya ointment to soothe the skin after sunning, to reduce swelling in a wound and as a balm to moisturize the lips. They call it “pawpaw” and it has an endless amount of uses. It is among the most popular beauty products in the land of kangaroos, and it is the secret of Australian women and their beautiful and tight skin overall.


Many Mexicans use bevel color for their cheeks and lips. With ancient Mayan and Aztec rituals, women found the coloring power of beetroot, carrots, and strawberries. They can also be used for coloring the cheeks and the color lasts all day. Sometime a little consideration is required, because especially with beetroot it is a very strong color and it may look excessive and even over-the-top. Also, wear it as a lipstick, it looks amazing!