Whether you are living in NYC or just visiting, the street food is something everyone looks forward to. A few years ago food trucks carried simple menus like burgers, fries, hot dogs and ice-cream. Not anymore. Food trucks in NYC have become elaborate feeding hungry patrons local and international cuisine. Cheesesteak, Pizza, Seafood, fresh-fried falafel accompany the traditional burger and hot dog. The food truck is simple yet elegant. You don’t have to worry about where you will sit and eat. You will find a food truck parked in all the main streets be it winter, spring, summer or fall. It gets busier in the summer months with more folks in the street and an influx of tourists.

Let us explore the city by treating our taste buds to a broad range of delicious cuisine.

Carpe Donut

Carpe Donut is a roaming truck. To get the current location you will need to check on Twitter. They make fresh, hot; handmade donuts on the streets of NYC. They are well known for using only the highest quality organic and local ingredients. In the summer they make a hand packed donut ice cream sandwich — worth a try. Their apple cider donuts were named one of 2013’s Best Donuts by New York Magazine.

The Morris Truck

Morris stands out among the fancy grilled cheese and dairy factories. The ingredients used in their signatures sandwiches are mainly sourced from local area farms. Try their classic grilled cheese with a dash of sea salt along with their unique tomato bisque.

Souvlaki GR

If you are looking for a healthy option for fast food lunch, then the two-time Vendy winner Souvlaki GR’s menu has several options out of which the vegetarian spinach and cheese pie is our favorite.

The Cinnamon Snail

If you are a vegan looking for an early breakfast, try the Snail’s breakfast platter, pastries and coffee drinks (the coffee is fair-trade). The menu is ever-changing according to the seasons.

Korilla BBQ

You will see the tiger-striped food truck from a distance. When you get closer, you see that their menu consists of burritos, tacos, rice bowls filled with Korean-style meats, spicy chicken and braised short ribs with kimchi on the top.

This is a just a sampling of the diverse cuisine of street food that you can experience in NYC. Be sure to give it a try on your next trip!