The food scene in America is incredibly diverse, a true reflection of the people that inhabit this country.While there are so many cities that put a unique spin on food and have their own distinct taste, there are a few cities that stand above the rest. I bring you the five best food cities in America.

San Francisco, California


San Francisco has a diverse food scene, complete with both established and up-and-coming restaurants. There is no other city in the United States that obsesses more about food, whether it involves buying it, cooking it, eating it, or talking about it. Some of the common trends of the restaurants here include open kitchens and communal tables. For those who enjoy cooking for themselves, San Francisco offers easy access to fresh-grown everything. If you make it to the Bay Area, you need to make the effort to check out Berkeley’s Chez Panisse.

Portland, Oregon


Mix fresh, local ingredients with a colorful community of inventive chefs, and you will find the dynamic restaurant scene of Portland. The recipes and dishes in this one-of-a-kind city, cannot be recreated anywhere else. There are a lot of quirks to this city, in terms of both its community and food selection, making it truly an unforgettable place. From the stellar breakfasts, that draw long lines even during the week, to the first-class markets, you will not be disappointed by anywhere you go.

Los Angeles, California


The food scene in Los Angeles is about as diverse as they come. If there is a part of the world that you would like to taste, you will definitely find it in Los Angeles. People who appreciate the food of their heritage will be pleased to find that restaurants do not have to simplify their cooking for anyone. But at the same time, restaurant goers must all be open to mash-ups of different styles, which put a unique twist on some classic favorites. Similar to Portland, fine dining here is more on the relaxed side.

New Orleans, Louisiana


While walking throughout New Orleans, there are two things that you will not be able to avoid: Joie de vivre and tradition. The people here love their city, and those who visit can’t help but fall in love as well. The city has its own unique cuisine that is always ready to adopt fresh ideas. But the signature dish, red beans, and rice. You will also not find another city that enjoys their liquids as much as New Orleans.

Charleston, South Carolina


This is the smallest city on the list, but it definitely packs a punch. You will find a great mix of the city’s rich past and some of the latest food fashions. Charleston is home to ace chef Sean Brock, head of the fan-favorite, Husk, who has been an advocate of the farm-to-table style for years. Although it lacks the diversity of culinary representation that is common in some larger cities, Charleston offers a unique charm, unparalleled service, and mouth-watering food.